Salary and Benefits

Our Residency Program starting salaries are as follows:

  • 1st Year $61,965
  • 2nd Year $62,500
  • 3rd Year $63,500

Benefits include:


  • Malpractice: Interns are covered by Inova Fairfax Hospital. Second and third year residents are covered by Fairfax Family Practice.
  • Health: A substantial portion for interns is covered by Inova Fairfax Hospital, including eye and dental examinations. Interns are responsible for a nominal portion of the premiums. Dependents may receive benefits at extra cost. Second and third year residents receive coverage through Fairfax Family Practice. Dependents may receive benefits at extra cost.
  • Life Insurance up to base salary, with option for additional insurance.
  • Optional disability insurance available.


  • 21 days off during the year for vacation, maternity, sick leave, or bereavement.
  • Six holidays observed—not guaranteed: treated for call and scheduling purposes like a weekend day.

Educational Stipend: Funds are provided for educational purposes, such as attending conferences or purchasing books and are awarded with prior faculty approval.

  • First Year: $600
  • Second Year: $400
  • Third Year: $400